How it all started…

We are a family coffee roasting business with some big ideas in the making! In 2020 we started spending a lot more time at home and drinking a lot more coffee! We’ve always loved trying coffees from other small batch roasters. It was crazy to us how single origin coffee differs in taste from one to another, like dramatically! Coffee quickly became our hobby, and soon we started experimenting with green beans roasted over our home stove in a cast iron pan. The coffee was the worst….but it really perked our interest even more. We got more and more into it. We hosted almost daily coffee dates at home where we discussed the idea of furthering our knowledge and eventually making a business out of it. We obsessively watched roasting tutorials, went to coffee school and took roaster training. We built a coffee roastery on our acreage and started Spotted Fawn Coffee Roasters. We choose this name to correlate with our origin as we have numerous deer hanging out on our property, which we have come to adore. Of course we have had tremendous support, help and interest from our kids who are all amazing!


We put our whole hearts into roasting coffee.

Our approach is to bring you fresh wholebean coffee that you can enjoy anywhere and everywhere. We roast in small batches and pride ourselves in sourcing quality specialty coffee beans from all over the world and roasting them into something that tastes bright and beautiful. To compliment our coffee and give you the best coffee experience at home, we also provide a one stop shop where you can purchase brewing equipment and accessories.

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