How it all started…

We like to think that we really love coffee. The end. Just Kidding! But we love coffee so much that it drives us to do what we do. Something so simple. It makes us so happy. My obsession with coffee, for myself, started when I was in my early childhood. ( So like a few years ago. *wink, wink) By the time I was 11 years old, I could not leave our house on our family farm without that morning cup, which was lukewarm and left over from 4 am breakfast when my dad would get up to milk the cows. CRAZY EARLY RIGHT? FAST FORWARD and it wasn’t until the last decade or so that I started to notice all these third-wave coffee shops popping up everywhere. LIKE, LOVE! And it wasn’t just the fact that these coffee shops were SO COOL! NO, the coffee tasted “special.” With a little research, I found out that a lot of these places roast their own beans and I’m like ” Woah”… Now, I have to try ALL the coffee. And there are so many different coffee beans and there are hundreds of ways to brew them. All of these factors and more can manipulate the flavor. Actually though. Like, what is even happening??? THIS IS AMAZING! So anyway FAST FORWARD AGAIN, during COVID days, I was rethinking my entire life, Mike, my husband and I started roasting coffee as a hobby. Then it just blew up into a coffee roastery because we were roasting in a pan over the stove and it tasted the worst. We needed this to be better so we converted a shed into a serviced tiny home for the sole purpose of using it as a coffee roastery. We moved from our acreage shortly after… and we relocated and built a new coffee roastery. We are also under construction for a new cafe! See all good things happen over coffee! We are pretty small beans (pun intended) but we like to think we might put a smile on your face if you’ve tried our coffee. (It’s so goooodd!)


Fun Fact: 95% of the baking in our cafe is done from scratch. Did I mention that I also LOVE to bake??? That’s a whole other story… but honestly growing up on a little dairy farm in the lower mainland, British Columbia, enticed me to love food and wholesome ingredients. I grew up eating fresh veggies from the garden and could pick fruit off of the numerous fruit trees on the property..which seems not real to me now. I appreciate and respect the process of what it takes to get ingredients from farm to table to in your mouth.


Mike is an entrepreneur and journeyman HVAC guy. He owns and operates his own HVAC and construction business…which works out really well because I have a lot of big ideas. Lol. He is also responsible for taking the green beans to a roasted (OH SO LOVELY) state. He’s pretty good at it too. We roast in small batches and only use specialty-scored beans. We chase brightness, flavor notes, and your satisfaction!


We took formal training at the Barista Institute in Vancouver, B.C. We learned from some amazing and talented people. We continue to learn and grow. We love learning more about our craft. Our coffee is always specialty grade, imported from all over the world. So much care, consideration, and work goes into every step. We have a small but important responsibility in the process.. We have an obligation to detail, making sure that we carefully select the correct procedures in our roasting for optimal taste and enjoyment.


We put our whole hearts into roasting coffee.

Our approach is to bring you fresh wholebean coffee that you can enjoy anywhere and everywhere. We roast in small batches and pride ourselves in sourcing quality specialty coffee beans from all over the world and roasting them into something that tastes bright and beautiful. To compliment our coffee and give you the best coffee experience at home.

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