Roaster’s Choice Coffee Subscription

$79.00 / month

Our Roast

We import, roast, brew, and drink our coffee, let us hook you up with our favorite flavours!


3 x 340g bags of varied single-origin and blended coffee
Shipped every month right to your door!

Shipping Date and Payment

Our coffee is roasted weekly and orders are shipped on the soonest Tuesday after payment processing.
Payment and shipping is recurring monthly until cancelled.
Shipping is free, limited to Canadian addresses.

Billed and shipped monthly.
Cancel at any time.


What Cold Brew is and what it isn’t.

What Cold Brew is and what it isn’t.

Have you ever tried cold brew? And it’s so good, right? Personally, for me, nothing hits the spot more. I wanted to kinda discuss what cold brew is and what it isn’t. As well as how you can make cold brew at home with a few recommendations from our Spotted Fawn Coffee...

What Is MASL and Why Does It Matter?

What Is MASL and Why Does It Matter?

What is MASL and why does it Matter? M= Meters A= Above  S= Sea L= Level  When we see MASL on packages of coffee it’s referring to the altitude in which the particular coffee was grown at. Some people think that coffee grown at higher altitudes is better,...

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